Covering Material – Publishing and Packaging

  • HAWAMAHAL-B MATT View Details


    Coated durable book cloth with excellent dirt & water repellent surface. Suitable for products that are used extensively & intensively.

  • TAJMAHAL-C1  MATT View Details


    Highly durable tough buckram with excellent water & dirt repellent surface with special decorative options.

  • TAJMAHAL-C1 Buckram View Details

    TAJMAHAL-C1 Buckram

    High abrasion resistant tough durable coated cotton cloth with stylish decorative options along with a hint of gloss on its surface which makes it look appealing.

  • Redfort Linen Buckram View Details

    Redfort Linen Buckram

    Linen coated buckram with a smooth finish to give a raw & live effects.

  • HawaMahal-b Book Cloth View Details

    HawaMahal-b Book Cloth

    Durable coated book cloth which provides attractive texture with a hint of gloss along with dirt & water repellent surface.

  • Metallica Buckram View Details

    Metallica Buckram

    Highly Durable Coated Buckram with a Metallic Finish to Enhance presentation of your projects.

  • PEARL View Details


    An Extraordinary buckram book cloth with special pearl coating which provide uniqueness to the brands with amazing blocking results in addition to protection against finger marking.

  • LEATHERTEX View Details


    Imitation leather with a look of real leather with excellent water & dirt repellent surface finish.

  • White House View Details

    White House

    Coated heavy book cloth with smooth surface for printing and elegant look.

  • Light House View Details

    Light House

    Coated light weight book cloth for printing & Book binding.

  • Classic Linen View Details

    Classic Linen

    Coated buckram with smooth Linen finish to give raw & Live effects. Enhancing the look of projects.

  • Papcot Book Cloth View Details

    Papcot Book Cloth

    Cotton book cloth with tissue lining to give natural look to your brands & other projects.

  • Papray View Details


    Viscose Linen book cloth with tissue lined at the back to ease pasting.

  • Shree-B140 View Details


    Natural traditional coated cloth with excellent strength & natural look.